The First Moment of Marwa El Sherbini, Performance ,2019, Duration, 10 minutes.

Above, a reversed documentation of the performance near the german chancellery, Berlin, Camera: Avi Levi.

Almost 10 years ago, Marwa el Sherbini, a young woman of Egyptian origin, residing in Dresden, was brutally murdered inside the city's courtroom by the right wing extremist against whom she testified. This incident raised fierce questions towards the state's authorities & their representatives (Judges, officials and the police who shot Marwa's husband instead of her attacker). Nevertheless, a responsibility has not been taken and her family's lawsuit against the german court was rejected three times so far. Through assembling legal records & further information the case is reenacted, the performers (trained as dancers) are talking and moving in reverse, while reversing the timeline from her death back to life & reality that preceded to sequence of events, through using backward movement & speech.