Collective Identity, 2014, Video, 03:29 Min., Colour, Sound.

In "Collective Identity", The museum visitors are children of asylum seekers and economic migrants, seated with their backs to Gutmans painting and merely listening to an audio guide for children, in use by Tel aviv museum of art which illustrates it; a play in the form of a staged dialogue for children. In it, a couple, supposedly representing Palestinian peasants, enact a dialog in grotesque arabic accent. It lays the premises for a collective image of the native inhabitants and natural landscapes of Palestine which are portrayed as desolate. The imaginary voices of the couple represented in the painting are heard discussing the composition of their depiction in the fabricated audio dialog produced for the museums didactic program, they further more practice pronouncing the name Picasso, failing to speak out the P.which innate limitations of arabic pronunciation. (Text taken from "Ways of making visible") by Hili Perlson.